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Finding a Czech Partner

We are the best of the Prague Marriage, Introduction and Dating Agencies

We are one of the most innovative Prague dating, introduction and marriage agencies in the world. Thousands of desirable ladies, who are serious about marriage or dating, have contacted us at our Prague offices and they would like to meet men from other countries.

Enjoy a fabulous romantic trip to Prague, one of the most charming and exciting cities in Europe, with a unique and innovative marriage, introduction or dating program prepared for you by the Hand-In-Hand Introduction Agency.

If you cannot travel to Prague, you can still make your dreams become reality by simply sending for him. This cannot be done from Russia, Ukraine, Asia or South America.

Hand-In-Hand is Prague's premier marriage, introduction and dating agency. Please take your time in viewing our site, should you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact us.

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It is Extremely Difficult to get a visa for Russian, Ukraine, Asian or South American women. It is Very Easy to get a visa fora woman from the Czech Republic to come to the USA and THEY DO NOT NEED A VISA TO COME WESTERN EUROPE.